Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tonight we cooked the ten rainbow trouts caught yesterday out of an aluminum rowboat at Little Virgiinia Lake in Mono County, just north of Mono Lake off of 395, five apiece, the limit. Baked on a gas grill, wrapped in tinfoil, stuffed with basil and butter.  OK, I'm hooked.

My first fishing lesson: Up at 5 am to meet Winford at his truck, loaded rods, worms, tackle, snacks. Got breakfast in Lee Vining.  I was fine with the casting (I'm good at throwing things; bocce balls, darts, frisbees....) but flunked hooking worms,  mostly due to the superior squirm capability of Eastern Sierra nightcrawlers, and somewhat due to my squeamish feelings about sticking hooks in them. I'm fine with the cleaning thing, but need to develop greater hand strength in order to rip out the guts quickly and cleanly.

This happy adventure was generously financed and supported by:

Steve Skaar, who, upon hearing of my impending move to the Eastern Sierra last year, immediately donated a fishing rod and reel.

Bill and Judy Valladao, who bought me a fishing license for my 62nd birthday (July 21 this year).

Winford Flud, who fixed the broken-off tip of the fishing rod, advised me how to get new line wound on the reel, took me shopping for the various bits and parts, gave me a tackle box he won in a derby raffle, fixed my line when I tangled it up, tied up a second hook when the really big fish got away with the first one, refreshed my bait, and netted my catches when I was half-hysterical with excitement while hanging on to the jumping splashing energetic wild life form trying to yank the pole out of my hands.

Many, many thanks!

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  1. Yum! I recall fresh trout rolled in cornmeal and fried in bacon fat from my youth, fishing with Grandpa.

    The photo of the boat and lake is lovely.