Monday, November 28, 2011


November I moved into J Diamond Mobile Ranch in Bishop. I am hooked up at a site by the canal, another branch of Bishop Creek that runs across the trailer part, down through an adjacent motel, under 395, and flows inside Bishop City Park, before hooking up to the canal that runs past Shady Rest, and finally joins the Owens River east of town. My neighbors in the park feed the wild but resident ducks, so they have ceased migrating.

I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner by a young couple who have recently settled into Bishop from Arkansas, leaving all family behind for an adventure in California. She cooked a turkey in a crockpot, and dinner was very good and fun. They have a sweet old dog that's a spittin' image of my childhood family dog. The young woman told me that although small and unimposing, Flash had once treed a bear in Arkansas. I was impressed.

Since I took these photos, the wind has blown all the colored leaves out of the trees and we are wintry, cold and grey. I am becoming more fascinated with pools of water seen through winter thickets and have started winter-colors paintings. Here's some of the photos: