Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cottonwood Snow and Owls

In early summer the cottonwoods set loose their namesake in drifting piles of seed fluff. At times it looks like blowing snow. Great shaggy popcorn balls of it hanging high in the big old green trees. Toss a lighted match and it will explode in a fireball. After the wonder of it, the nuisance; when the yard guys hose it down, it resembles old rags, which they rake into truckloads, as they did the yellow cottonwood leaves in autumn.

I painted a few small owls for a friend who wished to buy an owl picture from me. She likes Saw-whet Owls, and I assumed that meant she likes small, cute, harmless creatures, like toy poodles. But when I showed her the paintings below, she chose "Sinster Owl", saying "Oh yes, he looks vicious!  That's what owls are, they are ruthless, vicious hunters!"  Ya never know.

 Perky Saw-whet

 Sinister Saw-whet

Spooky Saw-whet

Barn Owlets