Saturday, April 27, 2013


End of April - beginning of May will be the anniversary of my move to the Eastern Sierra three years ago. I have survived retirement from full-time work, learned to fish for trout, and begun a series of paintings of local subjects in a fresh style, of which these are the most recent:

 Edge of the Pasture, Big Pine, winter

 Independence Creek, early spring

Winter Stream, Blue Heron

I have made a happy home for myself in my (unrestored but congenial) Vintage Trailer, and I have just installed my first air conditioner -- ever! --in the window over the kitchenette sink. An air conditioner in the heat means I can stay in my trailer and paint this summer, and I expect I will sleep better. Fishing season opened today, which means I will motor up to the lakes and pines, sit in a chair by cool waters and read or daydream until some life force in the dark water beyond jerks the bubble below surface and I must rise and reel in the silvery thrashing entity to shore...if I can, if it doesn't jump into the air and shake out the hook like a bronc in a rodeo shakes off a cowboy... the classic happy pastimes of Retirement are mine: painting and fishing!