Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer evenings elsewhere

I have been musing over old photographs of mine taken of California hills on the other side of the Sierras; here are two paintings from that reverie. The road from Boonville hills in the Anderson Valley, the center tree and hillside from Point Pinole, Bay Area. Everywhere oat grass catching sunshine, flaring against the shadows.

Life at J Diamond Mobile Ranch has been too exciting lately--two trash fires in the residence area and a sewage backup due to underwear in the bilge pump. I hope for a return to easygoing boredom; always a good thing for painting when there's nothing else to demand the painter's attention.

Except home improvements: I have purchased a solar panel and multifarious widgets that render and modulate and parsify the power of sunshine into 12 volt battery storage and out again to another set of widgets that spins fans, brightens bulbs, and pulses sound through speakers and sunshine through cameras into computer screens. My shoulders ache from the tension of trying to understand 12volt electrical system, and even when it's late I can't leave off, I continue to fret among the pillows. Interesting, because no matter how difficult or frustrating my painting session becomes, I do not tense up about it; rather, painting seems to relieve bodily tension and I usually sleep well after painting. I slip into sleep easily, with colors and shapes swirling around in my mind, somewhat like floating.

More later....