Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Solo Show at Maturango Museum

My name in lights!


Friends from Los Angeles and Emeryville, left to right:
Jerry Lerma, Jim Chandler, myself, Janet Nippell, Bonnie Barrett, Kate Thornton, Steve Skaar and Vickie Sowell

It was wonderful to see old friends sitting together in a restaurant booth, sorting out previous acquaintance, chatting and chuckling, making plans to lunch sometime. I wished I could join in them all. I don't get much good company in the campgrounds where I am living now. I miss everyone!

By the time we posed for this photo, I was so wired up in being extroverted that I was almost numb, but happy. I felt I had babbled into a microphone during my Keynote (the Mac Powerpoint) slide show presentation, but Gallery Coordinator Andrea Pelch told me she thought it went very well, that I was coherent, interesting and poised. Friends and members of the museum were enthusiastic and generous — buying several paintings that night.

Check out:

I got to see my best paintings of Eastern Sierra subjects, done up in my watercolor wash and pencil graphic style, all together, framed and accessible, and had a chance to talk about them. It left me with a sense of fullness, of something accomplished, and also of closure. I still have many subjects from the area to realize in this style, but I may have to consider that I have come to a point of completion about my sojourn in the Eastern Sierra. Drought conditions are changing the landscape to resemble areas of the lower Mojave, and the mystery I have found in the waters that flow out of the mountains is literally sinking out of sight.

Meanwhile, for a change of pace, I have been splashing about in my acrylics supplies -- look for a blog on the Rusty Tin Cansters, soon!