Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watershed Wastrel?

Riparian waters are the cradle of life on this planet; we are slowly coming to understand their role in the renewal of all the natural resources we exploit. Western civilisation, the "first world" has focused on end results—unmitigated development of human ingenuity—and has let the sources of life get depleted, wasted, destroyed. As if we wouldn't need them anymore.

Water from the Western Sierra watershed flows down into the Sacramento River delta and waters Sacramento, the central valley and the Bay Area. Water from the Eastern Sierra watershed flows into the basin between the Sierra and the White and Inyo Mountains, and from there is conveyed by aqueduct to water the Los Angeles Greater Metropolitan Area.

All the Federal Bureau of Land Management campgrounds and most of Inyo County's campgrounds are situated beside creeks that drop out of the Sierra side of Owens Valley, Round Valley, and Long Valley. So, I have considered re-titling this blog: "Watershed Wastrel."
But, since all Californians are watershed wastrels, it seems too generic.

Well anyways here's some water pictures....


  1. Some of the best pictures for Lent I've seen--riparian is exactly right. Thanks so much for the poetry, which I love, and your news. Sending you some snail mail. Rebecca

  2. that one with the crossing fence is especially nice, I really like the colors in the one preceding it.