Monday, January 24, 2011

Independence Creek

Actually the red horse trying to mooch an imaginary treat from my kneecap through the barbwire fence was taken at the edge of a winter pasture in Big Pine, but I like this big red horsehead (note the closed eye).

Lots of red in the riparian wood lining Independence Creek where I have been parked since Jan 3 — January's been sunnier and warmer than stormy, snowy Thanksgiving and Christmas times. Colors swelling grey sticks. I have been continuing to try to paint the creekside woods; my drawings display expressionistic turmoil — jagged, contrasty, awkward — continue the "white painting" compositions that I was working with last winter in the East Bay. I like them, I want them to be ruder and cruder, but when I look at the real woods, the real creeks, they are beautiful, quiet, stoic, flexible.

More on the paintings later.....

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