Thursday, September 23, 2010


Two Cents Opportunity: Name That Blog!

Well, the new name "Wasteland Wastrel" for my blog now seems a bit melodramatic, and furthermore misleading, because I am not going to flop in the gravel for the winter, I am planning to move indoors. A trailer court sort of indoors, but not a tent, or not just my Crate and the Great Outdoors. "Inna Tenting 395" is no longer true, but neither is "Wasteland Wastrel", because I hope not to return to BLM campgrounds until I have a Mobile Indoors of my own to park in them  And it isn't really wasted land, it is Public Land being legitimately used by taxpayers (mostly). "Boondocking" would be what a wastrel would do, or what is termed "stealth" parking in urban territory.  "Wasteland" would then have to refer to culture, society -- redolent of T.S. Eliot's contribution to English literature, and I should have left it as a single blog entry, meanwhile pondering a new blog title more carefully. 

Dear Readers, consider the facts:

"Inna Tenting 395" was true until my tent blew apart and I gave up on tents in the desert since it blows so often (it is blowing outside under a flood lamp full moon as I write this curled up in the cozy comfort of my Tacoma Crate.) "Inna Crating 395" ? ... probably too ambiguous.

Public Land is truer than Wasteland, but not as edgy. 
However, it does include all public land (state, county) campgrounds, not just BLM.

Retiree is (or will be soon) truer than Wastrel, but not as colorful. There is an RV club titled Escapees that was mostly retirees when it started up, so that's taken. 

Any title with Road in it is way too loaded with guy-thing stickers. 

Desert-Something would be true as long as I stay in the desert, but what if I wanted to cruise around the Oregon beaches next summer, when I get that little 13ft Casita Trailer I'm dreaming about?

MobileKodgers, SwankieWheels and WanderingScribe are three blogs I've bookmarked as sistren and brethren in the lo-rent rolling life; Mobile Kodgers writes poems for his gregarious high-energy lotsa-fotos lifestyle blog, SwankieWheels follows through on her vow to kayak all the states in the Union, and WanderingScribe writes, but not about wandering. There was a wonderful blog titled DesertDutch, but it went unchanged for 3 years and then disappeared; it had lots of good stuff about Hiway 395, Mojave, old Route 66 and Slab City -- may Desert Dutch and his dog the Duchess live, or rest, in peace.

All these folks mention the moving-around-thing in their blog title. But it looks like I won't be rolling just yet, but  "WannabeRVer" doesn't really grip the imagination.

I am considering "PublicLandsPilgrim" because I have a wonderful painting of a gray-haired woman in baggy purple flannel and jeans, holding a staff while standing in an indeterminate Eastern Sierra meadow; it is not a self-portrait, but it is an appealing figure, to use as a figurehead, or masthead. And Pilgrim is what Vatican II designated both the Catholic Church and the individual Christian to be. The Pilgrim Church, the Church of Pilgrims. Obviously, there is now in process a tremendous backlash to this idea, which renders the true pilgrim a churchless wastrel. No church, no home, no going back -- and so fare forward, wastrels!  

But mixing Government with Faith is proscribed by our Constitution; how could I make this idea ethical? 

"Mobile Pilgrim" is redundant. 

Maybe just: "Lo-RentTrailerArtist" ?  I need to pull forward into my retirement plan which includes touring around to art festivals in municipal fair grounds (and on the pier, the beach, the park etc.), sell my paintings, and reproductions thereof, and my poetry books. or "TouringTrailerArtist"  ??

Hey Readers!  Please comment, free custom painted pet portrait to the winning suggestion!

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  1. umm…with help from my handy thesaurus

    Wander, range, ramble, caravan, roam, drift, search

    No real ideas, just words so far.