Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Thunderstorms in Horton Creek

July 24 2010, Horton Creek campsite.

July has been very hot, most days 100 degrees F and higher, which folks in town tell me "We're having August weather in July". The air gets gooey, there's no dry breeze to cool the sweaty, lethargic camper. But similar to the Bay Area weather pattern of hot valley air drawing fog through the Golden Gate into the east bay hills, thunder storms condense out of the mountain air and spike the lake areas over 8,000 feet, and sometimes blow down into the valleys. Today a real howler slammed out of the Sierra down the escarpments and the Crate is rockin' safe and dry and pretty comfy in the warm, wet blasts, sheltering me from sporadic sand, rain and hail. I sit against a pillow upside the peg-boarded driver's side wall and write this on my laptop. Fire trucks from the Forestry Folks and the local Fire Dept.s have been cruising around the watersheds, since dry lightning is a serious fire hazard; they are pleased for even a little moisture in the dark booming clouds. The cloud show hikes up a notch, from gorgeous to spectacular.

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