Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arrival in Horton Creek Campsite

The Clown Tent now staked to the sand at a campsite in Horton Creek Recreational Site, Bureau of Land Management. For only five bucks a night, you get a parking place, a table, access to a brick potty house, and spectacular views: the pastures of Rovana, volcanic table land and Owens River Gorge, the Sierra peaks on one side, the White Mountains on the other. Sagebrush, wild flowers, and the long sweeps of the alluvial plain. A little cottonwood planted for shade, and a hand-built desert wash stone fire ring. The photos shows the view from my campsite. For a mere 300 bucks, you can have all of this plus a camping spot, any time one is available, at Horton and three other BLM campsites in the area, from March through October of 2010. Long Term Visitors pass -- so now my rent is paid at a BLM campsite for five and a half months. Desert Ratdom Paid Up until November 1st!

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